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Sean (Clayton Adam)

Sean was the keyboard player in "Wildcard" with Adam and stayed on as the keyboard player with The "One Hit Wonders". After two years of frantic playing around Sydney Sean left and formed "Wham Bam" a tribute show to the 1980's. This played a bit but didn't hit the mark, so when Sean got a call from Adam to be in "Australian Made" Sean jumped at the chance. Sean brings to the band that thundering bass sound of Adam Claytons and note for note perfection of the bass lines. Sean's high vocal ability and harmonising adds to Rattle and Hum's authentic sound.

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Adam (The Wedge)

Adam was the original guitar player in "Wildcard" a Sydney original band that became The "One Hit Wonders". Adam left the band to pursue another original band called "Runway One". After wasting time with original bands that were going nowhere, Adam formed "Australian Made" with Dave and Sean and found immediate success. After two years in Aussie Made Adam left and had a break with a change in career also. In 1997 Adam founded "Rattle and Hum U2 Show" with Bill his cousin, and stayed with the band as the guitar player/manager till 2001 and after that as the bands manager and part time booking agent. Adam returns to "Rattle and Hum" again providing the band with those distinctive guitar sounds that make U2 so unique.

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Dave (Bonox)

Dave's singing career started with an original band "Red Heat" that wrote and recorded an album in the early 90's. He then had cover band success in the mid 90's with "Australian Made" the OZ music show touring many parts of the country.
Today he is arguably one of the best Bono impersonators in the business. Dave Patten aka (Bonox) delivers a performance that "Rattle and Hum" audiences are describing as "brilliant". Dave is better known in Sydney as "Bono" than himself, not only does he look like him but vocally he is the best "Bono" impersonator around, this is a fact. (see MP3 downloads to hear for yourself)
The right moves and costume changes help Bonox depict Bono's image through the earlier years then the famous Fly outfit defines the rock legends look in more recent times. However it's the striking vocal similarity that Bonox shares with Bono that is definitely the most impressive part of his performance.

"Since I was a teenager my natural vocal range and tones have resembled Bono's, over the years that has made it easier for me to emulate and perfect his style when fronting "Rattle and Hum", not to mention I have always been a huge fan."